Social Networking for Families

Big Brother Speak Says: Who Has Haves & Have-Nots?

Use your Social Network grid to analyze the spokes of your wheel.
-1- Draw other network titles around perimeter of circle network (business, team, social group)
-2- Add any Key icons to your network grid
-3- Start at the bulls-eye of I and draw Key icons from the center out (most relevant closest to center).
-4- Circle a section of the grid you want to change and list a goal for growth.

Old School isn't Wrong School

Use traditional methods to connect with your Network.
Utilize a diverse portfolio of communication strategies.
Constanly analyze & design core principles.
Learn to Evolve & not Revolt!

Does Anybody Speak Swahili? Text phrases & other Shorthands

I could never read my Grandmother's handwriting in letters.
What text phrases have entered into spoken language?
How does your style accentuate your message?
How does our style exclude an audience?

Use a Website to Post updated Info & Events & Campaigns

Market your website with useful resources.
Analyze your Social Network based on specific communication goals.

How does your Face Book read?


Face the facts:

Eyes might not observe all it sees

Ears might not listen to good advice

The brain & the mouth sometime
speak with a different tongue

Use the Facebook Privacy Setting
to control your Sixth Sense


Blog Speak or Tweet your opinion on anything

Ways to Cell Phones & other Cloud in the Skype resources

What's a Mobile Me and the Apple of My Eye?

Googley Eyed Candy Can'ts & Can'dos

Test drive free applications.

Be sure to control your own voice.

What appearance do you want to display?

What services are valuable to you?


Try Me? Net Work online.